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If you guys are fans of streaming movies then you must definitely have heard about Netflix. They are pretty much the go-to-guy when it comes to watching movies (legally) online, and have been around for quite some time now. Established in 1997, Netflix has slowly grown and expanded its service into what we have today. They do not only offer a vast range of movies, but also episodes from series which are very popular nowadays. If you are a US customer, you can also buy DVDs from them at a flat rate. Working based on a subscription payment model, Netflix offers its service over many different counties for just a small payment each month; the problem however arises when one compares these different services.

Taking Canada as an example, they have less than 50% of the titles which are available in the US version even though they pay roughly the same amount of money, which is absurd! Now Netflix doesn’t do this out of pride; there are legal reasons behind the blocking of titles but this hasn’t stopped people from bypassing said block. It is said that over one third of all English-speaking Canadian Netflix users resort to shady techniques in order to access the US library, so the practice is pretty common.

All you really need, as is explained on the usnetflixguide, is a US-based proxy. What this does is it tricks Netflix into believing that you are residing in the United States, causing all of the titles to become available. Note that your account has nothing to do with the library so it is not required to create a US based account as well. Although it works, this practice is not 100% safe and can cause your account to get banned. In order to reduce your chances of this happening make sure you buy a dedicated proxy which costs money but is a lot better than a free one. I normally buy a set of 10 proxies for about $10 which is quite cheap; just make sure they are dedicated, have unlimited bandwidth, and of course reside in the United States. Once the proxies are in your hands all you have to do is incorporate them into your chosen access medium, such as for example Firefox. This is done through addons which are available for free over the internet.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this article, and possibly also learned something new.

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When giving a review to a company that is determined to help its customers achieve the healthy feel within themselves, it is always difficult to tell exactly how they go about it. But one of the brilliant things about this Phuket Fit review is that they are totally open and honest about their highly successful techniques.

PhuketFit isn’t obsessed with getting skinny, but getting fit and healthy, and this shines through all of their programmes. Their weight loss course are personally tailored to every individual person that comes to them, ensuring that they can lose weight safely and permanently without starving themselves or pushing themselves through exercise hell. Every person is different, and is given a different treatment to help them succeed.

The detox and cleanse programme created by PhuketFit aims to respond to both the body and the mind’s toxins and stresses. Without a healthy mind, the body cannot totally be balanced, and by recognising this, PhuketFit perfectly address the issues that each and every customer bring to them. Their detox and cleanse is not based on celebrity fads, but nutritional fact, and scientific evidence. By taking a whole approach to your sleep, exercise, diet, and thought-cycle, PhuketFit offer a wonderful way to restore yourself to the best that you can be.

Whether you already consider yourself pretty fit, or you need to start getting into shape, a review of PhuketFit’s fitness boot camp programme reveals a clever understanding of our bodies. They utilise experts to give each person a one-to-one review to assess exactly what their fitness needs are. Everyone is then guided through the process of challenging your body to increase its strength and endurance.

PhuketFit’s emphasis on healthy living and personally tailored programmes makes it one of the best places to go to revitalise your body and mind.

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The Importance of a Reliable Safe

Imagine you’re busy watching your favorite television show in the comfort of your home, after a hard day at work, while you children are upstairs playing video games. While you sip on a warm cup of coffee you hear an awful sharp sound echo from upstairs, followed with a scream from one of your children.

Through instinct and adrenaline you rush upstairs and see one of your children crying as they point hysterically at their sibling who lays face down. As you reach for your fallen child you notice the safe is open, and the gun is gone. It is important to have a dependable safe based on several features.

The first feature is to make sure that you have a dial lock as opposed to an electronic lock. It may seem more convenient to have an electronic lock in that all you have to do is punch in a code to access; however, the problem with such a lock is that it doesn’t have a long life relying on batteries that must be replaced every so often.

The dial or combination lock is mechanic and requires no maintenance, but the con is that it takes much longer to access, which keeps intruders frustrated enough to quit and move onto something else.

The second feature is the strength of steel. While all gun safes are enforced with steel inside out, it’s vital to have one with a strong design of steel that’s hard to drill into. A safe with a 10 gauge wall has more security than a safe with a 14 gauge wall.

The beautiful thing about investing in a gun safe is that they don’t have to be feature-rich. Just think about it; all you really need out of a reliable gun safe is that it be 1) well-constructed, and 2) secure enough with a good, reliable locking system. Of course, you would concern yourself with the price, so that is another thing to keep in mind. But really, that’s all there is to it.

I’m an avid gun owner, and I love to go out shooting on the range and deer hunting, and I also keep my firearm in my home in case of an intruder. But first thing’s first – and that’s safety.

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Features of a Good Survival Knife

In the survival knife market there a hundreds of different kinds to choose from – from big name brands that has millions of fans to barely heard small brand names, from blades that are specific to those that are universal, and from the blades that are incredibly expensive to those that are not. When you purchase a survival blade you want one that will last or at least a lifetime, a blade that will not fail you in the time of need.

There are several features to look for when it comes to picking out the survival knife that will enhance your camping and outdoor activities.

The first feature to look into for a survival knife is the size. You’re probably thinking the larger the blade, the more powerful and useful it can be, but this is not always the case. If you have a blade that’s too large you will face an arduous time completing detailed tasks like carving precision snare sets and skinning small game.

Though, a large blade isn’t a deterrent when it comes to rugged tasks like chopping and batoning (striking the knife blade with a heavy object to drive it into a thick piece of wood) when small blades will not do the job.

The second feature is if the blade is a “good fixed.” Knives with a fixed blade have a longer durability than those that are folding knives. The reason is that joints are flawed that it easily over a short time will loosen when chopping, thrusting, cutting, and prying objects.

The third feature is to make sure the knife has a full tang. The full tang is when a blade and handle are made from one continuous metal piece. Tangs on knives that are partial, push, rattail, and half are not as robust as a full tang. Those knives that are not made from one continuous metal piece, overtime will loosen and eventually become useless when completing tasks.

If the scales come off the knife that has a full tang, then it can be easily fixed by wrapping cordage for comfort and grip.

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How to get Wimbledon Tickets

Its that time of year again where the mad rush starts with so many people asking how to get Wimbledon tickets. There are a few ways to purchase tickets but few of them are easy. I came across this youtube video recently that offers a decent alternative

Its not a bad option though Id say it gets quite pricey if you leave it until the last minute to buy. Personally I’m really looking forward to this years tournament. It could be one of the best we have had for quite a while.

I almost world cup-ed out so definitely ready for some tennis.

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